AV ROOM: Burning Awakening Live CDs, get your on iTunes if you haven’t yet. #Awakening (at Awakening Youth Center)

ROUND 2: D&B and Movie (at Dave & Buster’s)

SNEAK PEAK: what could we be working on.

Thank you Jack Johnson, for perfect morning music.

Last night…if only we had footage of all the crazy stuff we did. #escalators?

Dave and busters tonight turned out to be free!! W/ Captain America in IMAX for free!! #Blessings

#Burn at 24/7

I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something that is so cool about a lightbulb.

"You are glorious" unplugged. #NELC (at Northeast Leadership Center)

GOT HIM!!! @adors00 @carissagrace @alissaellen @n_marr @xaviolin